Thursday, May 28, 2015

State Competition

36th Annual California State Homebrew Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered, judged, stewarded, and helped in 2014. We had 434 entries from 123 brewers!

Also, the great Tap Handles we got for our volunteers were produced by Chris at BrewForge.  Check out his stuff at

Congratulations to our winners!


Mike Riddle, Best of Show (American Brown Ale).
Greg Rasmussen, Sierra Nevada Homebrewer of the Year
Maltose Falcons, Anchor California Homebrew club of the Year


Check back next summer for details on the 2015 Competition.


Entries and volunteer page is at

Full list of 2014 winners posted here.

Full list of 2013 winners posted here.

2012 winners posted here.

2011 winners posted here.

2010 winners posted here.

2009 winners posted here.

2008 winners posted here.

2007 winners posted here.

Head Steward:  Lincoln Ong

Judge coordinator:  Paul Keefer

Scorekeeper:  David Riefsnyder

Competition Organizer:  Bryan Gros,
Email Bryan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NCHF Contact Information


Snail Mail: NCHF
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The NCHF is a 501 C(7) non-profit organization.

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